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Behind-The-Prop™ Starter

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The AeroPerfect™, Behind-The-Prop™ Starter from Bell Electronic Technologies provides an easy and safer way for R/C pilots to start their engines. Because this revolutionary new starting system was developed by R/C pilots for R/C pilots, the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter truly represents a leap forward in the way R/C glow and gas engines are started.

With the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter, pilots never start their engines while in front of the prop (or off to the side). And because the engines are started while the airplane is sitting on the ground, the need for an elevated flight stand is eliminated. Further, the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter makes it possible for pilots to safely start their airplane engines without assistance from other pilots.

This new and exciting product from Bell Electronic Technologies allows pilots to safely start an engine from a position behind the propeller (behind a wing and next to the fuselage). The pilot simply pushes the airplane away from him which engages the prop spinner of his airplane into the rubber insert of a standard engine starter (for example, a Sullivan Dynatron). This pushing force overcomes spring tension (which is adjustable) within the Starting System and activates a switch / relay thus applying power to the engine starter motor.

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Shown With
Sullivan Starter Motor

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Easy Tilt & Height
Adjustment Accommodates
Most Airplanes

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Switch And Adjustable
Spring Pre-load Assembly

The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter features an adjustable starter motor platform that can be adjusted to align with the spinner height / angle of your aircraft. Not only does the platform height adjust vertically from 4-7/8 inches to 15-1/2 inches, its angle is adjustable from 90 to just under 70 degrees. This gives pilots the option of starting their "tail-dragger" aircraft with either the tail wheel on the ground or with the tail wheel elevated. In addition, the angular adjustment extends the low-end platform height to just a few inches, thus accommodating much smaller aircraft. The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter also features a built-in height and angle scale that makes it easy to set (or reset) the starter motor height and angle to match any airplane in your hangar!

The battery tray of the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter will accept a wide variety of batteries. 12-Volt Garden tractor batteries like Wal-mart's EverStart or Sears' Plus Start® work especially well because they provide high Amp-hour ratings and are very cost-effective. They also provide weight (approximately 10 - 16 lbs.) so that the Starter System will remain stationary during engine starting. Please see our specifications page for battery tray dimensions.

The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter is easily stored and transported thanks to its innovative design. It folds up into a low-profile configuration for transport to/from the field and features two lock-down knobs to make sure it doesn't come un-folded while being carried. It can also be stored vertically for efficient use of floor space.

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Relay And Cable
Strain Relief Come
Mounted To Rear Support

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Vertical, Linear Scale
Allows Quick Height
Alignment To Your Airplane!

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Built-in Angle Scale
Allows Easy Alignment
To Your Airplane!

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Easy Transport To And
From The field- Battery
Will Not Tip Over

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Included Wire, Terminals
Zip-Ties, Battery Clips
Sleeving & Hardware

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Stores Vertically For Efficient Use
Of Floor Space!

Behind-The-Prop™ Starter Specs
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Behind-The-Prop™ Starter Features:

  • Safer and more convenient starting of glow and gas engines

  • Rugged wooden construction, designed (CAD) and made in the USA

  • Adjustable starter motor platform accommodates most airplanes

  • Built-in angle and height scales allow quick alignment of starter motor to airplane's spinner

  • Accommodates popular starter motors: Sullivan DynaTron, Tower Hobbies® TOWER® POWER Starter (Heavy Duty), Hobbico® TorqMaster, etc.

  • Adjustable spring pre-load provides variable spinner engagement force

  • Can be used on pavement or grass

  • Six comfort-grip rubber knobs for securing starter motor platform, adjusting tilt angle and transport locking

  • Folds up and locks for transport and/or storage

  • Hardware (rubber knobs, bolts, washers) won't get lost during transport or storage because they attach to the unit

  • Battery tray accepts a wide range of battery types and sizes

  • Rugged automotive relay can switch up to 240 Amps of motor current. Please see our specifications page for more detail.

  • ARS (Almost Ready To Start) Minimal assembly / wiring required. Please see our FAQ Page for further details.

  • Motor platform comes pre-drilled for Sullivan DynaTron

  • Natural wood construction can be clear-coated, painted, linseed oil coated or left unfinished

  • Wooden design will not cause radio interference on 72 MHz

  • Includes wire, terminals, battery clips, spiral wrap sleeving, plastic ties and detailed assembly and wiring instructions (with color photographs)

  • Price: $139

Behind-The-Prop™ Starter Specs
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Frequently Asked Questions
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